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Brigadier General Mathias Tüscher

Commander Mechanised Brigade 1

Mathias Tüscher


Brigadier General Tüscher commands Mechanised Brigade 1. He is responsible for basic readiness of his staffs and forces and is accountable to the Commander Land Forces.

The Commander Mechanised Brigade 1 is responsible for training his brigade to plan and conduct operations for warding off military attacks and for civil affairs support operations in Switzerland.

2018 Commander Mechanised Brigade 1
2014 Brigadier General, commander Infantry Brigade 2
2013 Assigned staff officer to Chief of the Armed Forces
2012 Chief of staff in an infantry brigade
2009 Colonel General Staff, commander infantry recruit school
2006 Chief of training in mountain infantry brigade
2004 Chief of Staff Swiss Raid Commando
2000 Lieutenant colonel General Staff, commander rifle battalion
1998 Major General Staff, assistant chief of Staff operation, Swiss Raid Commando
1998 Captain General Staff
1995 Captain, commander infantry company 
2008 Commander infantry recruit school
2007 Armed Forces Joint Staff, head of planning section
2006 Project officer for refresher courses abroad
2003 Deputy commander infantry recruit schools
2002 Assigned staff officer to the project manager of Infantry training unit.
General Staff course trainee at the Institut Royal Supérieur de Défense, Brussels
2000 Head of Infantry “Project XXI“
1999 Project manager for “Armed Forces XXI concept studies“


Badge Mech Br 1

Office: Brigade mécanisée 1
Place de la Navigation 4
Case postale 208
1110 Morges 1
+41 58 469 62 60
+41 58 469 62 63


Brigade mécanisée 1
Place de la Navigation 4
Case postale 208
1110 Morges 1