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Major General Jean-Paul Theler

Chief of Armed Forces Staff

Jean-Paul Theler


As Chief of Armed Forces Staff, Major General Theler manages the most important business interests in the defence sector and is directly accountable to the Chief of the Armed Forces. He is responsible for the operational implementation of the political and military strategic directives and operational instructions.

Working at the interface between politico-strategic and operational-tactical levels, he is in charge of development, planning, resource allocation and steering of the armed forces.

2021 Chief of Armed Forces Staff
2020 Director Federal Office for Civil Protection a.i.
2018 Project manager for Support Command
2013 Major General, head of Armed Forces Command Support Organisation
2010 Brigadier General, head of Armed Forces Personnel
2004 Colonel General Staff, chief of staff in a mountain infantry brigade
2001 Lieutenant Colonel GS, commander of an infantry battalion
1998 Major General Staff, chief of organisation and command & control in a territorial brigade staff
1996 Commander of an anti-tank company
1994 Captain, intelligence officer in a mountain infantry battalion staff
2010 Commander of the senior NCO courses
2009 Staff officer assigned to Staff Operational Training
2008 Head of military doctrine division at the Armed Forces Planning Staff
2006 Head of section for joint doctrine at the Armed Forces Planning Staff
2005 Project manager for joint doctrine at the Armed Forces Planning Staff
2002 Team leader at the Commander and Staff Officer School and General Staff School, Armed Forces Training Centre in Lucerne
2001 Collège interarmées de défense, Paris, France
1999 Class teacher at infantry officer schools
1995 Entry into instruction corps Instruction officer in mountain infantry recruit schools
1991 Assistant at the Economic Institute of the University of Lausanne, after 1994, assistant professor



Office: Schermenwaldstrasse 13
CH-3063 Ittigen