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Major General Rolf André Siegenthaler

Deputy Chief of Joint Operations Command

Major General Rolf André Siegenthaler


Major General Rolf Siegenthaler is the deputy of the Chief of Joint Operations Command.

He is in charge of the Joint Operations Command's Human Resources, Finance, Planning/ Controlling/ Steering sectors, Armed Forces and Management Development, and the Joint Operations Command's doctrine. He is supported by the Chief of Operations and Career Management of the Training and Education Command in assignments and career management matters, and by the head of the Joint Operations Command's real estate supply coordination service in real estate matters. Furthermore he is responsible for the training of the Chief of Joint Operations Command's direct subordinates.

2013 Brigadier General, chief of armed forces staff section for military planning
2011 Officer of instruction in Land Forces Staff
2009 Commandant engineer school
2007 Colonel General Staff, J5 chief of territorial region
2004 Chief of operations in territorial region staff
2001 Lieutenant Colonel General Staff, commander engineer battalion
1998 Major General Staff, chief of command and control organisation in field division staff
1997 Deputy commander engineer battalion
1993 Captain, commander sapper company (engineer)
2013 Head of Armed Forces Planning/deputy head of Armed Forces Staff
2011 Director of land forces controlling
2007 Commandant engineer school and military training area
2006 Deputy commandant armed forces professional NCO School, chief Support, language, sports and tactical training

Course director, deputy commandant General Staff schools

2002 Armed Forces Training Centre Lucerne, team leader at General Staff school
2000 Senior course at Nato Defence College, Rome
1998 General Staff, Planning Directorate, engineer corps planner
1993 Company instructor at engineer NCO and recruit schools


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CH-3003 Bern