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Brigadier General Marco Schmidlin

Head of Armed Forces Planning and Deputy Head of Armed Forces Staff

Marco Schmidlin


Brigadier General Schmidlin is head of Armed Forces Planning in the Armed Forces Staff. He answers directly to the head of the Armed Forces Staff and also serves as his deputy.

The Head of Armed Forces Planning is responsible for long and medium term armed forces planning, coordination of material safeguarding of the armed forces, armament planning, project portfolio management of the armed forces as well as the Central Agency for Historic Military Equipment.

2018 Chief of armed forces staff section for military planning
2015 Commander Command Support Brigade 41
2014 Officer assigned to commander in staff of Command Support
Brigade 41
2012 Operations chief in territorial region staff
2009 Colonel General Staff, assistant chief of staff strategic-operational staff of Armed Forces Command
2005 Readiness chief of air defence training unit
2002 Lieutenant colonel General Staff, light air defence guided missile battalion commander
2000 Major General Staff, operations chief in field division
1995 Captain, anti-aircraft battery commander
2009 Head of political and military strategy affairs for Armed Forces Command
2007 Commander for progressive training of senior cadre in air defence training unit
2006 Deputy commander at headquarters for visual flight courses
2004 Chief of course management in headquarters for visual flight courses
2001 Head of air defence doctrine and training, Project manager for establishing a ‘foundations, planning, controlling’ cell
2000 Member of Air Force XXI study project
1996 Officer of instruction of an air defence school



Office: Papiermühlestrasse 20
CH-3003 Bern