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Lieutenant General Aldo C. Schellenberg

Chief of Joint Operations Command / Deputy Chief of the Armed Forces

Aldo C. Schellenberg

Lieutenant General Schellenberg heads the Joint Operations Command, which continuously anticipates potential developments and guarantees the armed forces’ readiness appropriate to the situation. He is responsible for planning and commanding all operations and missions of the armed forces, and for the basic and operational readiness of his subordinate staffs and units. As a member of Armed Forces Command and Deputy Chief of the Armed Forces, he is directly accountable to the Chief of the Armed Forces.

The Military Intelligence Service/Armed Forces Preventive Protection Service, one mechanised division (Land Forces), four territorial divisions, the Military Police Command, the Air Force, the Armed Forces International Command SWISSINT and the Special Forces Command are all assigned to Lieutenant General Schellenberg, the Chief of Joint Operations Command.

2018  Chief of Joint Operations Command, and Deputy Chief of the Armed Forces
2017  Additional duties as Deputy Chief of the Armed Forces
2017 Additional duties as Armed Forces Development programme manager for the Joint Operations Command
2013 Lieutenant General, Commander of the Air Force
2012 Major General, Chief of Armed Forces Staff
2010 Brigadier General, commander of a mountain infantry brigade (part-time)
2008 Staff officer assigned to a mountain infantry brigade staff
2004 Chief of staff of a mountain infantry brigade
2001 Colonel General Staff, chief of staff of a mountain division
2000 Lieutenant Colonel General Staff, deputy chief of staff in a mountain division
1997 Major General Staff, commander of a light surface-to-air guided missile battalion
1994 Captain General Staff, GS officer in a mountain division staff
1990 Captain, commander of a fortress anti-aircraft headquarters battery
2003-2011 In addition, lecturer on consolidated financial reporting and company analysis, University of Bern
1993-2011 In addition, various academic teaching assignments at several universities
1992-2011 Owner-manager of schellenberg consulting


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Office address: Papiermühlestrasse 20
CH-3003 Bern


Office address:

Papiermühlestrasse 20
CH-3003 Bern