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Brigadier General Benedikt Roos

Commander of Mechanised Brigade 11

Benedikt Roos


Brigadier General Roos commands Mechanised Brigade 11. He is responsible for the basic readiness of his staffs and units, and reports to the Commander of the Land Forces.
The Commander of Mechanised Brigade 11 is responsible for training his brigade in how to plan and conduct operations to avert military attacks and to safeguard Switzerland's means of existence.

2018 Commander of Mechanised Brigade 11
2009 Colonel GS, chief of staff of an armoured brigade
2008 Chief of logistics in an armoured brigade staff
2003 Lieutenant Colonel GS, commander of an armoured battalion
2000 Major GS, officer in the staff of an armoured brigade
1999 Officer assigned to the commander of a field division staff
1997 Commander of an armoured HQ company
1994 Captain, commander of an armoured company
2018 Deputy Commander, Chief of Staff and Commander Unit Leadership Course

Chief of command and control organisation Defence Group and chief of the CAF staff group

2011 Commander of the Bachelor study courses at MILAC
2008 Commander of armoured and artillery officers schools
2007 Group chief at the General Staff School
2006 Group chief at the Commander and Staff Officers School
2004 Project manager for training mechanised units abroad
2003 US Army Command and General Staff College, Fort Leavenworth USA
2002  Armed Forces XXI, project manager in training planning of the Chief of Land Forces
2001 Staff officer assigned to the chief of training of mechanised and light infantry forces
1997  Teacher at the mechanised and light infantry officers school
1996  Military Academy and admission to the instruction corps



Office: Kasernenstrasse 108
Geb KO
CH-7000 Chur



Kasernenstrasse 108
Geb KO
CH-7000 Chur