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Brigadier General Serge Pignat

Commander Mechanised Brigade 1

Krauer Daniel

Brigadier General Pignat commands Mechanised Brigade 1. He is responsible for basic readiness of his staffs and forces and reports to the Commander Land Forces. The Commander Mechanised Brigade 1 is responsible for training his brigade in the planning and carrying out of operations to defend against military attacks and for civil affairs support operations in Switzerland.

2022 Brigadier General, Commander of Mechanised Brigade 1
2016 Colonel GS, Chief of Staff of an armoured brigade
2011 Head of Principal Functional Staff Area 3 (FGG3) of an armoured brigade
2007 Lieutenant Colonel GS, Commander of an artillery battalion
2006 Ad interim Commander of an artillery battalion
2003 Major GS, General Staff Officer in the staff of an armoured brigade
1999 Captain, Commander of an artillery battery
2020 Commander of the Military Police Centre of Competence
2017 Project leader, revision of the Ordinance of on the Retirement of Members of Special Categories of Staff / occupational profiles for military professionals
2016 Commander of Armoured/Artillery Officer School
2014 Commander of artillery schools
2011 Project leader, policy paper on joint fire support, HEST
2010 US Army Command and General Staff College (CGSC), Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, USA
2008 UN military observer in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
2006 Group leader at the Central School, Armed Forces College
2004 Professional officer at the Artillery Recruit School
2003 UN military observer in Lebanon
2000 Class teacher at the Artillery Officer School
1997 Entry into the professional officer corps of the armed forces; Diploma course, Military Academy at the ETH Zurich


Badge Mech Br 1

Service address: Rue du Château 1
Case postale 208
CH-1110 Morges 1