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Brigadier General Heinz Niederberger

Commandant Armed Forces Professional NCO School

Heinz Niederberger


Brigadier General Niederberger commands the Armed Forces Professional NCO School. He is re-sponsible for the entire training of all NCOs and is directly accountable to the head of the Armed Forces College. Brigadier General Niederberger is in charge of the basic and supplementary training courses as well as the progressive and international NCO courses.

2012 Brigadier general, commandant Armed Forces Professional NCO School
2004 Chief of staff in mountain brigade
2003 Colonel General Staff, chief of staff in field division
2002 Chief of staff in field division
2001 Assistant chief of staff for training in field division staff
2000 Lieutenant Colonel General Staff, commander rifle battalion
1998 Commander rifle battalion
1995 Major General Staff, GS officer in armoured brigade staff
1994 Captain, commander headquarters company of rifle regiment
1989 Captain, commander rifle company
2004 Chief of staff and chief of training in territorial region
2002 Commandant infantry recruit school
2000 Company commander and deputy commandant infantry officer schools
1997 Officer of instruction at infantry officer schools
1995 Entry into instructors’ corps
1992 Officer of instruction in infantry schools


Office: Kaserne
CH-9100 Herisau
+41 58 481 76 76
+41 58 481 76 40



CH-9100 Herisau