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Brigadier General Gregor Metzler

Commandant General Staff Schools

Brigadier Gregor Metzler

Brigadier General Metzler is commandant of the General Staff schools. He is responsible for basic and progressive training of General Staff officers, progressive training of staff officers in major units and simulator based command post exercises for major units. He is accountable to the commandant Armed Forces College.

Brigadier General Metzler is in charge of courses headquarters and C2 simulator headquarters.

2023 Commandant General Staff School
2022 Commander of an mechanised brigade
2018 Brigadier General, Commander Armour and Artillery Training Unit
2010 Colonel GS, armour and artillery training unit staff
2009 Chief of operations of an armoured brigade
2004 Lieutenant Colonel GS, commander of an armoured grenadier battalion
2001 Chief of operations of a field division
2000 Major GS, general staff officer of a field division
1997 Captain, commander of an armoured grenadier company
2015 Assistant Commander of the Commander and Staff Officer School,
Commander of Leadership Course II / Staff Course I
2013 Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces College
2009 Commander of the armoured schools
2008 Team leader at the General Staff School
2004 Team leader at the Commander and Staff Officer School
2003 Armor Captain Career Course, Fort Knox, USA
2002 Staff officer assigned to the staff of the chief of land forces training / armoured training unit
2000  Staff member of the Armed Forces XXI project, mechanised and light units department
1998  Company instructor at the armoured grenadier recruit schools



Office: Murmattweg 6
CH-6000 Luzern 30


Murmattweg 6
CH-6000 Luzern 30