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Major General Claude Meier

Chief of Armed Forces Staff

 Claude Meier


As Chief of Armed Forces Staff, Major General Meier manages the most important business interests in the defence sector and is directly accountable to the Chief of the Armed Forces. He is responsible for the operational implementation of the political and military strategic directives and operational instructions. Working at the interface between politico-strategic and operational-tactical levels, he is in charge of development, planning, resource allocation and steering of the armed forces.

2016 Major General, chief of Armed Forces Staff
2010 Colonel GS, chief of Air Defence Operations
2004 Lieutenant Colonel GS, air force wing commander
2000 Major GS, F/A-18 squadron commander
1992 Captain, Surveillance Wing pilot
2012 Chef A3/5, Unterstabschef Operationen und Planung
2009 Leiter Bereich Doktrinforschung und -entwicklung
2006 Chef Führungs-/Stabsausbildung Luftwaffe (A7)
2004 Chef Fachdienst Luftkampf
2003 Langzeitabkommandierung am Collège Interarmées de Défense in Paris
2000 Kommandant einer Fliegerstaffel F/A-18
1998 Leader PC-7 Team
1996 Gruppe Einführung F/A-18, Umschulung bei der US Navy in Cecil Fiel (Florida)



Office: Schermenwaldstrasse 13
CH-3063 Ittigen
+41 58 465 02 62
+41 58 464 03 47


Schermenwaldstrasse 13
CH-3063 Ittigen