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Brigadier General Markus A. Mäder

Director of International Relations Defence

 Claude Meier


Brigadier General Mäder is Director of International Relations Defence in the Armed Forces Staff. He directs and coordinates armed forces relations at both bilateral and international levels. The Director of International Relations Defence is responsible for establishing the politico-military and legal conditions for training cooperation of the armed forces abroad, for international missions, and for relations with other armed forces. In addition, he is responsible for the implementation of arms control and disarmament policy as well as verification measures in Switzerland and abroad. He is also in charge of the Swiss defence attachés abroad and the Military Protocol.

2016 Brigadier General, Director of International Relations Defence
2013 Colonel General Staff
2008 Lieutenant Colonel General Staff, commander armoured battalion
2006 Operations chief of an armoured brigade
2004 Major General Staff, operations officer of an armoured brigade
2000 Captain, commander armoured company
2015 National War College, National Defense University Washington DC, USA
2011 Swiss Defence Attaché to Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran, resident in Islamabad, Pakistan
2010 Defence Attaché training
2007 Deputy Military Representative, Swiss Mission to NATO, Brussels, Belgium
2003 Security Policy Adviser and Deputy Head of Forces and Armament Planning, Directorate for Security Policy, DDPS
2002 Visiting Fellow at the Centre for Defence Studies, King’s College London, United Kingdom
2001 Operations Officer at battalion level, KFOR, Kosovo
1997 Research Assistant at the Centre for Security Studies at the ETH Zurich



Office: Rodtmattstrasse 110
CH- 3003 Bern