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Major General Yvon Langel

Chief of Staff Operational Studies and Training

Yvon Langel

Major General Langel oversees the education and training of management at both the military-strategic and the operational level, working in conjunction with the direct reports of the Chief of the Armed Forces. He reports directly to the Chief of the Armed Forces. He is responsible for the military-strategic and operational training curriculum and the overall training of senior staff officers. He assists with the development of military doctrine and the development of scenarios relating to future threats, hazards and challenges. He also contributes to the federal government’s civilian exercises.

2022 Chief of Staff, Operational Studies and Training
2018 Major General, Commander Territorial Division 1
2014 Commander Armoured Brigade 1
2012 Brigadier General, Chief of Land Forces Staff
2004 General Staff Officer assigned to the commander of a territorial region
2001 Colonel General Staff, chief of staff, armoured brigade
2000 Lieutenant Colonel General Staff, chief instructor, armoured brigade staff
1996 Major General Staff, commander of an armoured brigade staff battalion
1993 Captain General Staff, staff officer, mechanised division
2009 Chief Land Forces Planning
2005 Chief Projects and Specialist Fields, and Deputy Chief Land Forces Planning
Commander Task Force SUMA
2004 Chief of Operational Procedures, and Deputy Chief Land Forces Planning, Projects and Testing
2001 Commander reconnaissance NCO and recruit school
1999 Planning of “Armed Forces XXI“
1997 General staff officer mechanised forces planning directorate
1996 Class instructor in armoured corps and mechanised infantry officers school
1995 Staff College, Camberley, Great Britain
1987 MilitärakademieMilitary academy
Instructor officer armoured corps


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Office: Operational Studies and Training
Rodtmattstrasse 110
CH-3003 Berne



Operational Studies and Training
Rodtmattstrasse 110
CH-3003 Berne