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Brigadier General Laffranchini Stefano

Deputy Commander of Territorial Division 3

Stefano Laffranchini

A conscript officer, Brigadier General Laffranchini is the Deputy Commander of Territorial Division 3, which is responsible for supporting civilian authorities in exceptional situations in the cantons of Graubünden, Schwyz, Ticino, Uri and Zug. Territorial Division 3 comprises one command support battalion, four infantry battalions, one engineer battalion and one rescue battalion. Brigadier General Laffranchini deputises for the Commander of Territorial Division 3 in all of his responsibilities when the latter is absent.

2018 Brigadier General, Deputy Commander of Territorial Division 3
2017 Staff officer assigned to a territorial region
2013 Colonel GS, COS of a territorial region
2010 DCOS command support in a territorial region
2006 Lieutenant Colonel GS, commander of a command support battalion
2001 Major GS, chief of triage in a territorial region
Seit 2014 Director of the canton of Ticino's prisons, Cadro
2012 Head of Training and Corporate Development at Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen (Swiss Radio and Television), Comano
2008 Deputy director of Labor Transfer SA, Camorino
2006 Owner and managing director of LDT Beratungszentrum Sagl, Breganzona
1996 Entry into career officers corps


Badge Ter Div 3

Service address: Kdo Ter Div 3
Neuland 8
6460 Altdorf 1