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Brigadier General Daniel Krauer

Head of Military Intelligence Service and the Armed Forces Preventive Protection Service

Krauer Daniel


Brigadier General Krauer is the Chief of the Military Intelligence Service and the Armed Forces Preventive Protection Service. He is also responsible for the technical supervision of all armed forces staffs and units with intelligence functions, and his organisational unit is accountable to the Chief of Joint Operations Command. The Chief of Military Intelligence receives direct orders from the Chief of the Armed Forces and is supervised by the DDPS and by Parliament.  

2020 Brigadier General, Chief of Military Intelligence Service & Armed Forces Preventive Protection Service
2016 Colonel GS, Deputy Chief of Staff in an armed forces staff section
2012 Deputy Chief of Staff Logistics of an infantry brigade
2011 Head of Readiness in a territorial region
2007 Commander of a pontonier battalion
2004 Lieutenant Colonel GS, Head of Logistics Management in the staff of an infantry brigade
2002 Major GS, Head of supplies in a field division
1998 Captain, Commander of a sapper company
2016 Chief of Military Doctrine
2015 Project manager for doctrine development
2010 Group leader and staff coach at General Staff School
2006 Deputy commander of engineer schools
2001 Class teacher at an engineer officer school
2000 Deployment as an Pioneer Platoon Leader for SWISSCOY
1999 Unit instructor at an engineer recruit school



Office address: Papiermühlestrasse 20
CH-3003 Bern