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Major General Thomas Kaiser

Head of Armed Forces Logistics Organisation

Thomaas Kaiser


Major General Kaiser commands the Armed Forces Logistics Organisation. He is responsible for all logistic services on behalf of headquarters, the armed forces and the Command Support Organisa-tion. He is directly accountable to the Chief of the Armed Forces. The Head of Armed Forces Logistics Organisation is in charge of the Logistics Brigade 1, the five armed forces logistic centres and the support services sector.

2015 Major General, Head of Armed Forces Logistics Organisation
2011 Brigadier general, commander Logistic Brigade 1
2004 Colonel General Staff, commander armed forces staff section
2000 Assistant chief of staff in fortress brigade staff
1997 Lieutenant colonel General Staff, commander mountain infantry battalion
1995 Major General Staff, staff officer in mountain division staff
1993 Commander mountain rifle company
1990 Captain, commander mountain rifle headquarters company
2008 Chief of training in Armed Forces Joint Staff
2007 National War College, Washington D.C., USA
2004 Assigned staff officer to Chief of the Armed Forces
2002 Class teacher at General Staff schools
2001 National contingent commander SWISSCOY, Kosovo
NATO Defense College Rome, Italy
1999 Staff officer in Armed Forces XXI reform project team
1996 Course commandant infantry training centre Walenstadt
1995 UN military observer in Bosnia
1989 Officer of instruction at mountain infantry recruit schoo
1988 Military Academy
1987 Entry into career officer corps



Office: Viktoriastrasse 85
CH- 3003 Bern



Viktoriastrasse 85
CH- 3003 Bern