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Major General Patrick Gauchat

Head of the United Nations peacekeeping mission UNTSO

Major General Patrick Gauchat is the head of the United Nations peacekeeping mission UNTSO (United Nations Truce Supervision Organisation). Appointed by UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, Mr Gauchat is responsible for carrying out tasks defined by the Security Council within the framework of the Middle East ceasefire agreements. He reports to the UN Secretary-General through the UN Department of Peacekeeping Operations.

2021 Major General, head of a UN peacekeeping mission
2017 Major General, head of a politico-military delegation for peacebuilding
2016 Deputy commander of a territorial division
2014 Deputy commander of a mountain infantry brigade
2009 Colonel GS, chief of operations in a territorial division
2006 Commander of a mountain infantry battalion
2004 Lieutenant-colonel GS, chief of operations in a mountain infantry brigade
2002 Major GS, operations officer in a fortress brigade
1997 Captain, commander of a mountain rifle company
2021 Head of United Nations peacekeeping mission UNTSO, Jerusalem, Middle East
2017 Head of the Swiss delegation to the Neutral Nations Supervisory Commission (NNSC), Korea
2014 Senior officer Middle East and Asia, Operations Office, UN Headquarters, New York
2013 Commander of Joint Regional Detachment North (JRD-N), Kosovo
2011 Deputy head of the UNTSO mission, Jerusalem / Middle East
2009 Officer responsible for peace support matters MONUC / MONUSCO, Congo and Somalia, UNHQ New York
2008 Head of project management division, Swiss Federal Railways, Switzerland
2006 Line manager, head of the plateau region, Swiss Federal Railways, Switzerland
2004 Deputy head of the Swiss delegation, NNSC, Korea
2000 UN military observer, UNTSO, Middle East 
1994 Project manager and head of the environment group, Swiss Federal Railways, Switzerland



Office: UNTSO Headquarters, P.O Box 490
Gouvernement House
Jerusalem, 9100401