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Brigadier General Thomas A. Frey

Commander Command Support Brigade 41

Thomas A. Frey


Brigadier General Frey is in charge of the Command Support Brigade 41 / SCS (systems, courses and support). He is responsible for basic and progressive training of his staffs and troops and reports to the head of the Command Support organisation. The Command Support Brigade is the specialised unit for information and communications technology in the Swiss Armed Forces. It operates the communications and C2 infrastructure along with the electronic warfare and signals intelligence systems for the armed forces.

2020 Brigadier General, Commander Command Support Brigade 41
2016 Chief of Staff in a territorial region and a territorial division
2015 Staff Officer assigned to the commander of a territorial region
2013 Colonel GS
2011 Deputy Chief of Staff Training in a territorial region
2007 Deputy Chief of Staff Intelligence in an armoured brigade
2004 Head of the domain Infantry in the Land Forces’ Operations Staff
2001 Lieutenant Colonel GS, Commander of a mountain infantry battalion
2000 Major GS, Head of Training in a fortress brigade
1996 Captain, Commander of a mountain grenadier company
2018 Chief of Training Projects and Steering for Training and Education Command Staff, and Deputy Chief of Staff for the Training and Education Command
2016 Commander of the Bachelor’s programme at the ETH Zurich’s Military Academy (MILAC)
2012 Commander of a school for single-term conscripts and commander of the Aarau military training area
2009 Deputy Commander and Chief of Staff at a school for single-term infantry conscripts, and Commander of the Zurich-Reppischtal military training area
2006 Chief of Land Forces Tests
2005 Staff Officer assigned to the Commander of the Infantry Training Centre
2004 Infantry Captains Career Course at the United States Army Infantry School, Fort Benning, USA
1998 Career officer in the infantry


Badge FU Br 41/SKS

Office address: Kaserne Kommandohaus
CH-8180 Bülach