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Brigadier General Ernst Markus

Deputy Commander of Territorial Division 2

Markus Ernst

A conscript officer, Brigadier General Ernst is the Deputy Commander of Territorial Division 2, the division responsible for supporting civilian authorities in exceptional situations in the cantons of Lucerne, Obwalden, Nidwalden, Solothurn, Basel Stadt, Basel Landschaft and Aargau. Territorial Division 2 comprises one command support battalion, four infantry battalions, one engineer battalion and one rescue battalion. Brigadier General Ernst deputises for the Commander of Territorial Division 2 in all of his responsibilities when the latter is absent.

2018 Brigadier General, Deputy Commander of Territorial Division 2
2016 Colonel GS, artillery chief in a territorial region staff
2013 Commander of an artillery battalion
2010 Lieutenant Colonel GS, assistant chief of staff in an infantry brigade
2006 Major GS, chief of operations in an infantry brigade
2002 Major, commander of a HQ battery in an artillery regiment
1997 Captain, commander of an armoured howitzer battery
2017 Managing director of SwissGeocapital AG, Zug
2013 Mayor of Küsnacht
2013 Managing director of FERMTrade Gmbh, Küsnacht
2008 Managing director of EuropTec AG, Oftringen/Ellerau/Denizli/Zalaegerszeg
2006 Member of the Communal Council of Küsnacht
2005 Head of Corporate Communications at Elektrizitätswerke des Kantons Zürich
2003 Company commander and subsequently Chief of Operation Task Force Dulje (KFOR), Kosovo
1996 Senior Controller at UBS AG, Zurich


Badge Ter Div 2

Service address: Kaserne
5001 Aarau