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Brigadier General Werner Epper

Deputy Commander Air Force

Werner Epper


Brigadier General Epper is the Deputy Commander of the Air Force. 

As Deputy Commander of the Air Force, he is responsible for the Professional Aviator Corps, the Corporate Development, the Combined Air Force Systems, the aviation law, the Doctrine, the Planning, Projects, Operational Test and Evaluation (OT&E), International Relations, the Integral Security and Safety and the Emergency Management.

2018 Deputy Commander Air Force (DCAF)
2014 Air Force Chief of Staff
2009 Brigadier General, Commander Aviation Training Unit 31
2002 Colonel GS, chief of staff (COS) Air Base Brigade 32
2000 Lieutenant colonel GS, deputy chief of staff (DCOS) air base brigade staff
1999 Assistant chief of staff operations (ACOS) air base brigade staff
1996 Commander of an air base battalion
1993 General Staff officer operations in the Air Force Staff, from 1995 with the rank of Major GS
1992 Captain General Staff (GS), head of support in the Air Force Staff
1989 Captain, commander of an aviation company
2006 Vice director and course director at the Military Academy at ETH Zurich (MILAC)
2004 Commander Basic and Advanced Aviation Training
2002 Head of Research and Development Military Doctrine in the Armed Forces Planning Staff
2000 Air War College, Maxwell AFB Montgomery, Alabama, USA
1998 Aide-de-Camp (ADC) to the Commander Air Base Brigade
1995 Class teacher for ground personnel at air force officers school
1991 Deputy commander and instruction officer, air force recruit school
1986 Military Academy, joined the Instruction Corps as an Air Force officer



Office address: Schweizer Luftwaffe
Kdt Stv Luftwaffe
Bolligenstrasse 56
CH-3003 Bern
+41 58 464 38 47


Office address:

Schweizer Luftwaffe
Kdt Stv Luftwaffe
Bolligenstrasse 56
CH-3003 Bern