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Brigadier General Raynald Droz

Chief of Staff Joint Operations Command

Brigadier Droz Raynald


Brigadier General Droz is the Chief of Staff Joint Operations Command. The Joint Operations Command is responsible for the planning and command of all operations and missions of the Swiss armed forces, both in Switzerland and abroad. Brigadier General Droz reports directly to the Chief of Joint Operations Command. The Chief of Staff Joint Operations Command is in charge of operational planning, situation monitoring, staff controlling, and post action review at the operational level. The command and control infrastructure of the armed forces, directives on readiness, mobilisation, mission-specific training and the self-protection of the armed forces, are part of his responsibilities. Other main areas include defence crisis management and the defence sector’s military geography information service.

2019 Chief of Staff Joint Operations Command
2018  Brigadier General, Chief of Staff of the Chief of the Armed Forces
2013 Chief of a general staff section of the armed forces operations staff
2008 Chief of a general staff section of the armed forces (planning)
2006 Colonel GS, member of the strategic staff of the chief of the armed forces (MSS)
2004 Assistant chief of staff of a logistics brigade
2000  Lieutenant Colonel GS, commander of a fortress engineering brigade
1998 Major GS, member and assistant chief of staff of a fortress brigade
1995  Captain, Commander of an artillery battalion
2013 Chief of Operations of the Armed Forces General Staff
2010 Commander of the military school for single-term infantry conscripts
2008 Head of armed forces and armament planning of the general staff
2003 Master of Defense Administration, Royal Military Academy, Shrivenham, GBR
1996 Deputy commander of the artillery NCO and recruit schools
1989 Joined the instruction corps of the artillery troops
Unit instructor and class teacher



Office: Papiermühlestrasse 20
CH-3003 Bern