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Major General Maurizio Dattrino

Commander Territorial Division 3

Maurizio Datrino

Major General Dattrino commands Territorial Division 3. He is responsible for civil affairs support in exceptional situations and is directly accountable to the Chief of Joint Operations Command. The Territorial Division 3 comprises the cantons of the Grisons, Schwyz, Ticino, Uri and Zug.

The Commander Territorial Division 3 is in charge of one command support battalion, four infantry battalions, one engineer battalion and one rescue battalion.

2023 Major General, Commander Territorial Division 3
2017  Commandant General Staff School
2014 Brigadier General, commander of a Mountain Infantry Brigade
2010 Colonel General Staff, assistant chief of staff operations in territorial region
2002 Lieutenant Colonel General Staff, chief of training in mountain division
1999 Major General Staff, commander mountain rifle battalion
1999 Captain General Staff, GS officer in mountain division staff
1995 Captain, commander mountain rifle company
2009 Medical Schools Command
2005 Team leader and staff coach at General Staff Schools Command
2004 Master in International Military Strategic Studies – Rome
1995 Entry into career officers’ corps
1991 Military Academy MILAK Officer of instruction in infantry corps
1989 Berufsoffiziersanwärter bei den Materialtruppen


Badge Ter Div 3

Office: Kdo Ter Div 3
Neuland 8
CH-6460 Altdorf 1



Kdo Ter Div 3
Neuland 8
CH-6460 Altdorf 1