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Major General Stephan Christen

Deputy Chief of Joint Operations Command

Brigadier Stefan Christen

Major General Christen is the deputy of the Chief of Joint Operations Command.

He is in charge of the Joint Operations Command's Human Resources, Finance, Planning/ Controlling/ Steering sectors, Armed Forces and Management Development, and the Joint Operations Command's doctrine. He is supported by the Chief of Operations and Career Management of the Training and Education Command in assignments and career management matters, and by the head of the Joint Operations Command's real estate supply coordination service in real estate matters. Furthermore he is responsible for the training of the Chief of Joint Operations Command's direct subordinates.

2022 Major General, Deputy Chief of Joint Operations Command
2018 Commander Engineer/Rescue/NBC Training Unit
2017 Brigadier General, Commander Engineer/Rescue Training Unit
2016 Colonel GS, Chief of Armed Forces Staff Section 235
2009 Chief of operations in a territorial region staff
2003 Lieutenant Colonel GS, commander of the disaster relief standby unit task force
2002 Major GS, assistant chief of staff in a territorial brigade
2001 Major, deputy commander of a rescue battalion
1994 Captain, commander of a rescue company
2016 Deputy J3/5 and chief of projects/controlling of Armed Forces Joint Staff
2012 Commander rescue NCO and recruit school
2011 National contingent commander NCC, SWISSCOY/KFOR, Kosovo
2009 Team leader in bachelor course and military school command at the Military Academy
2005 NATO Strategic/Operational CIMIC Course, Spanish Army War College
2004 International Crisis Management Course, Swedish National Defence College
2003 CIMIC training at SHAPE NATO Oberammergau, Germany
2002 Project manager for armed forces disaster relief standby unit, Armed Forces XXI project
2001 Team member in 'the armed forces single term conscript’ project
1999-2009 Various military disaster relief and subsidiary security operations in Switzerland and abroad
1997 Entry into instruction corps
1992 Military Academy


Lehrverband Genie/Rettung/ABC

Office address: Papiermühlestrasse 20
CH-3003 Bern

Office address:

Papiermühlestrasse 20
CH-3003 Bern