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Brigadier General Marcel Erwin Amstutz

Senior Staff Officer at the Geneva Centre for Security Policy (GCSP)

Brigadier Marcel Amstutz

Brigadier General Amstutz is a Senior Defence Advisor at the Geneva Centre for Security Policy (GCSP) in Geneva. He represents the GCSP in various areas, such as at conferences, in seminars, workshops or podiums, both in Switzerland and abroad. He works towards expanding the GCSP’s networks of interest, in particular regarding policy and the private sector, but also civil and military security partners. He supports management in the development and implementation of strategies. Brigadier General Amstutz is part of the General Staff of the Swiss Armed Forces.

2023 Senior Defense Advisor at the Geneva Centre for Security Policy (GCSP), Geneva.
2020 Chief of Staff, Training and Education Command, HQ Berne.
2017 Military representative at NATO Headquarters and the EU, Brussels.
2008 Brigadier general, commandant Air Defence Training Unit 33, Emmen.
2005 Colonel in the General Staff, head of Air Force doctrine, HQ Berne.
2001 Commander GBAD battalion.
2000 Lieutenant colonel in the General Staff, deputy chief of staff in Ground Based Air Defence (GBAD) brigade staff.
1997 Major in the General Staff, chief of operations in air defence territorial brigade staff.
1994 Captain, commander medium air defence battery.
2006 Commandant, integral air defence courses, progressive troop training services in GBAD Training Unit 33, Emmen.
2004 Head of Joint Doctrine Section in the Armed Forces Planning Staff, HQ Berne.
2001 Deputy commander, Air Defence Recruit School, Payerne.
1998 Team leader in senior cadre training courses, Lucerne.
1997 Advanced command and staff courses No. 1, Joint Service Command and Staff College Bracknell, Great Britain.
1996 Class teacher for conversion courses to Stinger air defence guided missile, Payerne.
1992 Instructor at light air defence recruit school, Payerne.



Office address: Papiermühlestrasse 14, 3003 Bern