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Centres of Competence (CCPEPs)

The CHEAF has charged three privately run foundations with operating its Centres of Competence for the Preservation of Equipment for Posterity (CCPEPs).

Responsible foundation and equipment categories for each CCPEP
CCPEP Foundation Equipment categories
Thun Historic Military Equipment Trust (HAM) Personal equipment and weapons
General military equipment
Weapons (including ammunition) and technical devices
Cavalry equipment, harnesses, equipment for animals in the armed forces
Furniture and manufacturing equipment
Special military equipment
Fortress equipment

Also included here is equipment stored externally as part of the armoured vehicle collection in Thun Polygon, and the Harness and Wagon Collection.
Burgdorf Historic Military Equipment Trust (HAM) Carriages and other vechicles
Dübendorf Museum and Historic Equipment of the Swiss Air Force Trust (MHMLW) Flight, air defence and air force equipment, and corresponding technical devices for Command Support
Uster Historic Military Command Support Equipment Trust (HAMFU) Communications, command support, reconnaissance (ground-based)

Centre for Historic Equipment of the Armed Forces (CHEAF)
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CH-3063 Ittigen
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