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Swiss Armed Forces

Armed Forces College (AFC)

All the cadre training centres for the land and air forces are brought together in the Armed Forces College (AFC) Command.

They comprise:

Schools and courses for militia officers:

  • General Staff School (GSS);
  • Commandant and Staff Officer School (CSOS); (central officers’ course, leadership courses, staff courses, technical courses for adjutants, intelligence officers, standby officers and territorial service);

    Training centres for professional personnel:

  • Military Academy at the ETHZ (MILAC); (The ETHZ is the Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich)
  • Armed Forces Professional NCO School (NCOS).



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Badge Armed Forces College

Commandant Armed Forces College and Chief of Staff Operational Training / Deputy Chief of Armed Forces
Major General Philippe REBORD

Armed Forces College (AFC)
Murmattweg 6
6000 Luzern 30

Tel. +41 58 469 45 00
Fax +41 58 469 45 10

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