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Swiss Armed Forces

Military Intelligence Service (J2)

The Military Intelligence Service (MIS) provides intelligence support for the armed forces and commands the joint intelligence service. At the same time it is the superior intelligence authority of the armed forces and the Defence sector and the Armed Forces Joint Staff's joint functional area Intelligence (J2).
The Military Intelligence Service monitors the situation development of the environment, foreign armed forces, civilian partners and phenomena of low intensity conflict.
It draws up analyses, reports, situation reports, maps and teaching aids in support of the planning staff's long-term armed forces planning, basic readiness control, the joint staff's planning and conduct of operations as well as armed forces training. To provide its products, the Military Intelligence Service cooperates closely with intelligence services and other authorities in Switzerland and receives support from intelligence procurement instruments of the armed forces which it plans, develops and operates in corporate intelligence efforts.
The activities of the Military Intelligence Service are regulated by the Intelligence Service Ordinance of the Federal Council and controlled by the Control Delegation of the Parliament.

Chief Military Intelligence Service/J2: Brigadier General Alain Vuitel


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